Yellow-Bellied - English Idioms


The idiom "yellow-bellied" refers to a coward or cowardly behavior, for example: My brother called me yellow-bellied when I didn't want to touch the spider in the attic.

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This unit discussed the productive skills. The productive skills are speaking and writing. The lesson encouraged teachers to not leave writing skills out of their lessons. Writing activities are quieter times but they are also incredibly important. Students need to know how to read, understand, speak, and write the language to be successful in communicating across platforms.I have learnt about what kind of materials should I use. Also, some useful links. Analyzing the course book I have to remember these things: price, availability, design, methodology, skills, difficulty, syllabus, topic, teacher's guide, supporting materials. Also, a teacher has to create his own materials, t involve students, to change some activities from the course book