All Ears - English Idioms


The idiom "all ears" means that someone is very keen to hear what you have to say and you have his/her full attention. For example: Why are you crying? Tell me, I'm all ears. In this case, the person asking really wants to know the reason for the other person to be upset and crying.

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In this lesson I learned several types of teaching methods to use with adult learners in a business environment. How to properly asses the way a class should progress if it's just one-on-one or a group of people. How to properly distribute the class if there is a large group of people and the problems a teacher could face due to the life circumstances of his or her students.I think this unit is very useful for beginners in teaching English and helps to find right sources for representing materials. Also all of teaching materials can help to create interesting, involving and clear performance and evaluate students knowledge in class process. The most important for modern teaching process is correct using IWB and OHP, which requires some skills.