Defuse vs Diffuse - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


These two words are often confused. Let's break their difference down. The word "defuse" is a verb and means to make a situation less tense or harmful, such as here: The teacher?s quiet voice helped to defuse the situation. "Diffuse" is also a verb but means to spread over a wide area. An example sentence would be: The toxic pollutants diffuse into the soil. So remember, "defuse" means to make a situation less tense and "diffuse" means to spread over a wide area. That's it for today. See you next time!

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This unit was about equipment and teaching aids. Teaching aids are an integral component in any classroom. I've learned about the benefits of teaching aids. Teaching aids help to make lessons interesting and engaging, they help students to develop their skills. Using teaching aids and equipment is also a good way for a teacher to reach all students in a classroom.Learning from this unit, I have learnt about the use of course books and it's disadvantages and advantages. Also learnt there are two types of lesson materials - authentic and creative. Both have a unique way of teaching to people and how each one motivates students. Overall some of the materials are re-caps from other units which I am starting to understand more.