Cite vs Site - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


Due to their similar pronunciation, these two words are often confused. Let's take a closer look. The word "cite" is a verb and means to mention or to make reference to, for example: In an academic paper, students should always cite the opinions of several experts. "Site", on the other hand, is a noun and describes a place or location. An example sentence would be: The explorers finally discovered the site of the shipwreck. So remember, "cite" is a verb and makes reference to something or someone and "site" is a location. That's it for today. See you next time!

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This unit was on teaching theories and methodology that can be applied in the classroom. I learned many different ways to organize a classroom lesson. I believe the ESA approach is a solid way to teach as it works well in the incorporation of all of the stated methodologies. I feel this unit will be much easier to get a feel for in an actual classroom environment.When designing a course for business English-the ESL teacher needs to know if her class will all be one level of be intermixed levels. He/She needs to know why and for what needs the students are there to learn. The teacher will need to conducts level tests and needs analysis to answer these questions before forming her class into any study/participation groups.