Born vs Borne - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


This is another set of words that are easily confused in English. Let?s take a closer look: The word "born" is an adjective and means "having started life" For example: I was born in Germany but my sister was born in France. "Borne" on the other hand is the past participle of " to bear", meaning "carried", "transported" or "take responsibility for", such as here: All costs shall be borne by the buyer. I'm sure the difference is clear now and you won't confuse the two words again. That's it for today. See you next time!

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It is important for a teacher to acknowledge the diversity of human experiences that converge in the class. Planning lesson goals, expectations and methods will need to consider the students' abilities, culture and interests. Being a teacher is more than lecturing a list of facts; the teacher will need to perform a variety of roles depending on the students' needs.This lesson was interesting because it gave us some insights into the different exams that an instructor can employ. I did not fully realize that the teacher had all of these tools and his/her disposal and that the exams could give the instructor a whole range of information that can then be employed to tailor the lesson plan in a way to help the students the most.