Assent vs Ascent - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


This is another set of words that are commonly confused in English. Let's break it down: Assent describes an agreement or an approval. We could say: He nodded his assent and she continued. Ascent, on the other hand, describes the action of rising or climbing up. For example: My legs were tired after I took the ascent to the cabin on the ridge. I?m sure you?ll never confuse the two words again. That?s it for today. See you next time!

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This section was helpful because it outlined the importance of a textbook for a class. I thought it was beneficial to know how to incorporate the material in the the course book while also learning how to supplement in new materials if needed. I plan on using many supplemental materials to help cater to my students so it was beneficial to understand ways to do so.This unit tells about vocabulary grammar function. It tells more about each point mentioned. Teaching vocabulary can be difficult sometimes especially when the student level is low and has no knowledge at all about English, also Grammar as we know it is by far the most difficult for learners but through this unit teachers and students may be easy to cooperate well.