Anyone vs Any One - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


In this video Linda breaks down the difference between ?anyone? and ?any one?. While this set of words is often confused, the difference is actually quite simple. Watch the video for detailed explanations and examples on the two words.

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This unit did not bring much of new knowledge for me. As a teacher by education and educator by practice I can say that the most valuable part for me was \"Evaluation by the students\". It reminded me how importat is to allow students to let them be evaluators of their own work and work of a teacher. On the other hand, description of different types of tests was also useful.The unit in provides a good overview of ways to manage the classroom effectively. I learned more about seating arrangements and ways to position myself in the classroom depending on the activity. Additionally, having the pros and cons for different classroom arrangements for activities was really helpful for me to see the benefits of each and for me to know when to use them.