The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is a system designed by the council of Europe to provide a standardized method of comparing levels of language proficiency represented by the different examinations and assessments throughout Europe and other areas. The system can be used in conjunction with any European language and divides proficiency into six separate levels. Each level of the framework has a description of the abilities needed to achieve that level in speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. The CEFR system is becoming widely known as the European standard for evaluating an individual’s language proficiency.

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We are all students and as such, should not be afraid to ask questions of those we interact with on a daily basis. Knowing this, we should be sensitive to cultural differences and through communication, the gap between teacher and student will be lessened and closed. Communication is the foundation of trust and trust is the foundation of a conflict free environment.From this unit, i have learnt a lot of specific teaching activities which are very useful in a class. For example, hangman is a good game for kids to review words they learnt. And i have also got the teaching techniques about how to organize a whole lesson and how to correct mistakes. Most importantly, these teaching methods can make me fully prepared for the lessons.