Theories, Methods & Techniques of Teaching - Total Physical Response


This video is part of our series on "Theories, Methods & Techniques of Teaching". This episode focuses on the 'Total Physical Response' methodology. James Asher developed this particular teaching methodology in 1965. It focuses on introducing movement into the process of language learning.

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I enjoyed learning during this unit as it was very informative to understand the different forms of past tenses. It was very straight forward and it was easy to understand. I believe if this was taught in a classroom, students would be able to easily understand the content as there is a distinct type of formula for each verb and how to present them in sentence form.Past tenses relates to the past time, but usages differ according to the given time and situation. They can change when used in positive, negative and question forms. Past simple, past continuous and past perfect tenses are frequently used unlike past perfect continuous tense. I have learnt common mistakes and errors students make while using most of these tenses.