Pronunciation and Phonology in the EFL Classroom - Place of Articulation Pt. 2


This video is part of our series on pronunciation and phonology in the EFL classroom and focuses on the place of articulation. The place of describes the placement of the vocal organs when producing a sound. In this video, we particularly look at our vocal organs used to produce sounds.

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Very simple and straight forward unit. I appreciated the incorporation of older, \"dated\" practices when looking from a Western perspective. Because, although many ESL teachers are accustomed to more \"Advanced\" technology these days, many countries abroad still use older technology, or even no technology at all. This unit can give insight to new ESL teachers.In this unit I have learnt that all students whether taught in a grouped class or individually have to be approached in a way to match there needs and level of knowledge for the English language. Having ability to adapt to different age groups as well as the different industries is important also...teaching young beginners to older, business students to classroom.