English Grammar - Past Perfect Continuous - Usage - Teaching Jobs


http://www.teflcourse.net In this video the teacher trainer looks at the usage of the past perfect continuous. The past perfect continuous is used to talk about a past action that was continuing up until another point in the past. For example: Before moving to Korea, I had been teaching in Thailand for three years. ITTT's TEFL Courses provide you with the opportunity to find teaching jobs all over the world. Whether you want to work amongst the long history of Europe or spend your free time living the beach life in Southeast Asia, teach professionals business English in a thriving metropolis or teach kids out in the sticks, earning yourself a TEFL certificate with ITTT will make the right type of teaching jobs available to you. ///

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I have encountered every one of these problem scenarios in my seven years as a teacher. Particularly challenging was teaching a large class of 35 students. Pair work and group work helped students feel less intimidated and ensured each student had plenty of time to speak. I enjoyed the ideas presented for building rapport with students and will use them in future lessons.This was a pretty straightforward lesson, but it included a lot of essential material. In teaching at a hagwon with a set curriculum, one of the hardest things to do is to work on vocabulary and grammar, because it's not effectively built into our class materials. This chapter gave me some ideas about how I can integrate vocabulary and grammar lessons into the curriculum.

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