English Grammar - Future continuous - Teaching Ideas - ESOL


http://www.teflcourse.net The teaching idea for the future continuous covered in this video involves students picking a card with a picture of an activity on it and inviting their partner to join them. The other student then has to think up an excuse not to as quickly as possible in the future continuous tense. For example: Student A: Would you like to see a movie at the weekend? Student B: Sorry I can't, I'll be washing my hair. Ideas such as this are a great way for ESOL students to put the language they are learning to use in the classroom. Teaching ESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages) is a fascinating and highly rewarding career choice and one which has a growing number of opportunities at the moment. One of the best ways to become an ESOL teacher is to take an internationally recognized TESOL certificate course. The video above is taken from one of ITTT's online ESOL courses and you can find out more about these at the link above.

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In this unit I learnt the difference using video form on what is and what isn't a productive, effective lesson. I learnt what things are appropriate and which things are not. I learnt how much of a difference and impact a teachers attitude and lesson plan has on the students. I have learnt the importance of the behavior of the teacher in order to have a successful lesson.The hardest part of this unit was remember the names for the 5 main conditionals and their general rules of use. When I use indirect speech or someone asks me what the correct way to say something indirectly is, sometimes I become confused as to why it sounds better one way than another. So I’m happy I was able to get a reliable source to review the reasons and ways.