EFL Sample Lesson - Engage Phase - Modal Verb 'Can'


This video is a sample EFL lesson in a real-life classroom setting abroad. In the engage phase of the lesson, the teacher elicits vocabulary from the students and gets them talking and thinking in English. It is important to always complete an engage phase before getting started on the study phase of a lesson.

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Going over Present Tenses I'll be honest that I'm still confused on Present Simple, Present Continuous, and Present Perfect. I understand that with everything there is a simple, continuous, and perfect ways of this unit. I will definitely be reading more over this so that I can grasp a better understanding, so that when I teach, I won't be teaching the wrong thing.Unit fifteen is based on evaluating and testing students. In this study, three ways of evaluating students are mentioned, the most elaborated is tests. A number of tests that can be used to evaluate student’s language skills before enrolment into language study and during the study are discussed. Other exams discussed here are external exams from the UK and USA.