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There are four things that new students need to do with a new language: be exposed to it, understand its meaning, understand how it's constructed and be able to practise and produce it. Grammar is oft
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Amargosa Valley
Four skills are fundamental for learning a language. Writing, Speaking, Listening and Reading. Talking about writing and speaking that are productive abilities,they both are used to communication, but
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this unit is a great source of information as it helps to find out the main theories and methodologies of teaching English language. There is a wide range of them but some of the theories are most com
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Ash Springs
The teacher faces several challenges in a room, among them we can mention, different levels of students, crowded rooms, difficulty with listen, etc. So, the teacher should be prepared to deal with the
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Language consist of vocabulary , grammar and functions . And it is very important for the students to understand the meaning of language , to be exposed to it , to understand how it is constructed and
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Four receptive skills in learning a language are equally important, they are listening, reading, speaking and writing. This lesson focuses on reading and listening. Those two skills are not simply mat
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Battle Mountain
This unit cover managing classes and full of useful and interesting information. Though it would be good to have some advice about managing young teenagers. They have very low internal motivation, and
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Unit 1 gave me good explanation of the teachers roles during the lesson and necessity of switching them appropriately depending on type of activity .As well as it gave me understanding of both ' go
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In english as in any other language there are four basic skills divided into two categories receptive skills and productive skill , this unit lesson's focus is on the former skills.there are two recep
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Bennett Springs
In addition to having technical knowledge, the teacher also needs to know how to manage a class and for this it is necessary to adopt some attitudes that favor learning. In the organization of the roo
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Blue Diamond
The unit observes qualities of teachers and learners, roles a teacher can take in the class, different language ability levels, difference between students of different age in their perception of teac
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Conditional statements (using the if/when clause) come in different forms and are distinguished according to their usage. Due to the grammar structures being more complex, ESL students can struggle to
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This unit deals with the different teaching methotologies .It starts by listing and giving a brief definition of those main methodologies which are : Grammar translation,suggestopedia,the silent way
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Carter Springs
The acquisition of new vocabularies is one of the most important parts in learning a lingua. So it is necessary that the teacher uses some techniques so that the learning occurs in an effective way.
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Cherry Creek
This module has learned me a lot more of the relationship between the teacher and the students. Even though students know that teachers are there to help strengthen their knowledge and language, there
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Cold Springs
For the English classes to be more attractive, it is very important to use good resources and we can use the technology in our favor. Among several resources, we can mention DVD player, Data show, vid
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Crescent Valley
This lesson provides me effective and logical language teaching methodologies. Three core methods here are Engage, Study and Activate. Depending on the teacher to decide what is best, the approach may
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Crystal Bay
In order to promote a good English class, it is necessary to choose carefully the textbook. Because the books are not designed for a specific group, it is up to the teacher to develop additional activ
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Understanding ESL students' learning motivations are vital to designing lesson plans which would cater to their specific learning needs. Hence, a 'needs analysis' should be conducted for special group
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This unit is telling about materials that can be used during the lesson. They are authentic materials: anything that can be read or heard by a native speaker and created materials:completely teache
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Double Spring
This lesson helps you understand how to manage and organize a classroom effectively. As a teacher, you don't need to be an extrovert to manage a class, you just need to inspire the confidence in stude
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Dry Valley
This unit covers different ways to express future in English language and is extremely helpful. I am familiar with all this information through my learning experience, but having all of this in one su
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Pronunciation can be neglected from the beginning of learning , because native teachers just use it naturally themselves and find it difficult to explain. It is not the easiest part of English for a
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This unit is focused at some most difficult situations teachers may have in the classroom as well as the best ways of dealing with them. the main problematic situations are large classes, disruptive b
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East Valley
The study of phonology can be a powerful learning tool for the development of language skills, such as listening and speaking. Even if can say that oral comprehension and production can be developed o
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Modal verbs can sometimes be quite similar to one another, making them potentially confusing for the ESL learner. Some of them have slightly different nuances and must therefore be taught with special
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This unit is very important and it should be taught properly.Modal,phrasal verbs and passive voice might be a difficult part for the learners . Using auxiliary verbs properly would be noticed in our
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In any language learning we have different theories , methods and techniques and for me it was very important to learn about methodologies in English lesson .All the information in this unit will be u
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Fallon Station
It is very important the teacher to warm up at the beginning of class, it is not good to start explaining the content immediately. It is also important that the teacher shows affection so that the stu
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Fish Springs
the overview of this unit shows the difference between two class lessons and which one is more effective. Lesson two was definitely more effective than lesson one due to the fact that lesson two was c
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Fort McDermitt
In this unit I have learned that it is equally important for students to write and speak fluently and accurately. It is not always possible to bridge the challenges that occurs that goes against the r
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There are 4 basic skills in any language . This Unit covered receptive skills- reading and listening.We use these skills either for purpose or entertainment.Some problems during listening or reading c
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In this unit there are two demonstration videos , both videos display a teacher teaching an identical lesson to the same class. however ,the teacher's attitude,teaching manner and style and lesson st
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Gardnerville Ranchos
As a long time teacher/trainer, most of this unit is very familiar and utilized by me. I did gain some new ideas for optimum seating arrangements and for establishing effective STT and TTT. The chal
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There are different opinions towards lesson planning. Some schools say that planning a lesson is not really useful, because it makes the lesson too teacher centered. but if you are an inexperienced te
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The various ways of expressing the future carry different meanings, implying not just futurity but also aspect (the way an action or state takes place in time) and/or modality (the attitude of the spe
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This unit deals with equipments and teaching aids which are usually used in an eglish class. among the those equipments,there are a White / black board, a interactive whiteboard (IWB),an overhead pr
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Both speaking and writing skills are important .As well as accuracy and fluency are both important in speaking.Sometimes writing skills can be neglected in the beginning of learning as a lot of the st
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Gold Hill
This unit gave me an overview of parts of speech to teach grammar, which is essential for a student to construct a sentence correctly. You should know what parts of speech are called in order write a
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Golden Valley
Unlike present tenses and past tenses, future tenses have a lot more varied usage and can be often confusing for ESL learners since some forms overlap with present tenses. The 'be going + infinitive'
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This unit is focused on receptive skills - reading and listening. both of these skills are equally important. usually we listen for a purpose or for entertainment (or two reasons together). Teacher sh
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There are four present tenses. Present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous tense. There are several present simple tense usages - habitual/routine actions, perma
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Grass Valley
Evaluation is a fundamental part of education. There are several forms of evaluation, among them we can mention diagnostic, practical , progress and placement tests . All of them are equally importa
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This unit is thoroughly focused on modal auxiliary verbs and the passive voice. And the overview of phrasal verbs and relative clauses as well.Modal auxiliary verbs are used before main verbs for add
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This unit is focused on teaching pronunciation and phonology as one of the most neglected aspects of English language teaching. Throughout history, teachers have been concerned with the difficulty of
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Humboldt River Ranch
English grammar is one of the most important elements of the language study. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most complex and difficult. Some rules and concepts are so important we can’t
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This unit helps to clarify the information about present tenses in English language. Learning about tenses may the most confusing and intimidating part of learning English language both for students a
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Incline Village
In this unit I have learned various attitudes to teaching L2 and compared them with my own style of teaching. It gave me an idea of what I do wrong or what I should change during my lessons. For examp
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Indian Hills
This unit gave me a good understanding of various models of teachers' behaviour during the lesson, and, in particular, what way of behaviour I usually have during my classes. I suppose that it is impo
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Indian Springs
We already know that it is very important to master the grammar if you want to be fluent in English. But there are some subjects that are more complex than others. Among the most difficult we can cite
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