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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

T.T. – U.S.A. said:
Before starting this course, I never realized how challenging it can be for a student to learn a new language. It's not until after I took this course I noticed how much I take for granted the english language, not realizing how difficult it can be for someone who doesn't understand english. The english language can be very complex to learn as well as teach, especially the tenses. I hope to take everything I've learned through this course and apply it to teaching people who are willing to learn the english language. People who are just as dedicated as I am to learn; for them to not only learn from me but from each other and I from them. I have learned just how much patience and dedication it takes to teach a new language to someone else, but it is also very rewarding and I hope to apply every single thing I've learned here to students everywhere.