Lesson Flexible TEFL

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J. M. - U.S.A. said:
I have been fortunate in that I received a very good grounding in the grammar and usage of the english language as a primary and high school student. I also had the opportunity to study Latin for a couple of those years, which I think is very helpful for gaining more insight into english. I've enjoyed the grammar review of this course, as I haven't overtly thought about some of these issues in quite a while. I have worked as a teacher, but I wasn't familiar with the ESA methodology per se, and I've been happy to learn this approach, which I think is a good one. I've learned that there are issues unique to teaching english to foreign students, and I think I've learned a lot about dealing with those issues. It's also been interesting to be reminded that there are always things about the language that a native speaker takes for granted, and that those things can sometimes be brought out in surprising ways in a TEFL class! Once again, the course has demonstrated to me the importance of flexibility, creativity, and good humor in the classroom. There has been quite an influx of immigrants into this area, so, for now, I would like to apply these lessons to teaching some adult learners in this region, or perhaps tutoring younger learners in one of the local school systems. I have a strong interest in Russia and Russian culture, and I speak Russian at an intermediate level, so, in the not too distant future, I would like to travel to Russia and teach english there for a time. I also have an interest in Central America, having spent short amounts of time in both Nicaragua and Costa Rica. My spanish, however, is at the elementary level. I would like to begin working on my spanish again, and I think that teaching english in Nicaragua, and, outside of class, immersing myself in the culture, would be a wonderful experience. But another important lesson I have taken from this course is, 'As much as possible, english only in the classroom!'