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J.L. - U.S.A. said:
Choosing to take this TEFL course was a great decision in preparation for my goal to move to South Korea to be an english teacher. I graduated with a Communications degree, which is only tangentially useful as it relates to the teaching profession. I have otherwise no experience in a classroom, which is why I thought it would be in my best interest to take a TEFL course before I decided to look for a position in South Korea. I did a fair amount of research as to what course to choose since there are so many out there, and ITTT TEFL got great recommendations. This course has not only been beneficial in imparting wisdom on classroom management and teaching methodology, but it has been a great grammar refresher also. As native speakers, we obviously don’t spend a lot of time working on grammar. It’s almost an innate skill to us and unless we are studying it for a specific purpose, we don’t often think of the rules and forms that govern it. Some of the grammar units in this course were actually quite frustrating and challenging, which I think is a testament to how dynamic a TEFL teacher’s job must be. If I am finding it difficult to make it through a lesson, I can only imagine how it must be for a foreign language student. I am really glad that the course touched on this material. Another great thing about taking this course, aside from the material provided, is all of the great resources that it provided as well. Many lessons were full of links to websites or titles of books that had more information on the topic at hand. This wealth of knowledge will surely prove invaluable when I travel overseas. After taking in all the information in this course, I definitely feel more prepared to stand in front of my first class. I’m sure I will make mistakes, but the things I learned from this course will absolutely be beneficial.