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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

A.L. - Canada said:
I have personally gained a lot from this course. First and foremost, I have gained a sense of what is required to become a successful teacher of english as a foreign language and how well planned ESA style lessons can help me achieve that objective. I understand that a teacher takes on many roles throughout a course and how important it is to make my lessons student-centered and to keep things interesting and varied in order to keep the students motivated. I have learned how to put myself in the position of the student in order to understand their interests, needs and wants, which will be invaluable with establishing good rapport and developing positive relationships with my students. I understand the concept of classroom management and I have had the opportunity to refine my grammar skills and have a clear understanding of how to apply those skills when teaching english courses. I feel that I have a better understanding and appreciation of the english language as a result of taking this course. I now understand the different levels and groups of students that I will encounter throughout my teaching experience, and I understand the differences and similarities between those groups and how to adapt my teaching approach accordingly. I have learned about the various textbooks, course materials and equipment that are available for me to use during a course and how to effectively select them. I have an appreciation of the importance that language exposure and practice play in a student’s learning process and I have many techniques to put that understanding into practice in order to develop and hone a student’s receptive and productive skills. I am confident that I am now able to effectively assess the students that I will encounter and that I will be able to quickly solve any problems that I may run into. Lastly, I have acquired a wealth of supplemental resources that I can access and employ to aid and enhance my teaching experiences. I plan to use what I have learned first by tutoring EFL students in my home country and then by moving abroad and becoming a practicing EFL teacher. I anticipate this will result in endless travel adventures, a more rounded experience, greater appreciation of different cultures and a better life.