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P.S. - China said:
On a personal level I have gained much from this course. These last three months have been quite difficult in terms of my personal life and finding time to study but I hope I have achieved a satisfactory grade. Prior to embarking on this I had little formal education in EFL teaching and was quite often ‘flying by the seat of my pants’ especially when I first started teaching in china! As it turns out many of my intuitive feelings allied to recalling my own educational experiences and how my teachers acted have turned out to be quite appropriate so after reading the Unit files, especially the units dealing with classroom management, teaching productive and receptive skills my methods have been validated and improved on. In terms of the technicality of english and being able to teach more difficult areas of grammar-tenses, conditionals/reported speech, modals, phrasal verbs, active and passive voice, these aspects are much improved and I feel much more confident in presenting these to students now. I feel that by following the course in the prescribed manner it has made the whole learning process much easier and controlled. I will be using the information Units as a valuable reference tool for lesson and course planning, I have already been putting what I have learned into action over the last 4/5 months and believe it has improved my teaching methods greatly. From a career perspective I think that undertaking this course will open a lot of doors for me in the future and as my experience grows I hope to have a successful and rewarding career in this field (if not always financially rewarding!). I am keen to further my education in this area in the future.