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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

E.D. - Puerto Rico said:
Taking this course has helped me in several ways. I wasn't sure if teaching was something that I would be good at or that I would like and I was inspired to take this class because of a family member and now I really think that teaching is something that I would not only be good at, but something that I would really enjoy. This class has really given me the basics for teaching english and now I feel inspired to learn more. I want to get good grammar books and teaching books and I have been picking my Mother's brain who is a teacher. So the class has really inspired a new interest and goal for me and it is something that I am definitely going to pursue. Without being too hard, the class demanded reading and learning new things and demanded me to create lesson plans which is something I have never done and I actually find it quite fun. I am now thinking of all the ways I would teach and all the things I would bring into class and all the things I would have in my class to make it fun. So all in all, I really think this class has helped guide me through the necessary skills that are needed and it is up to me to build upon that. I am very interested in taking another class and look forward to applying for jobs. Though, I personally want to tutor some children first to get experience before I am standing in front of a class. Thanks James for all your input and helping me through this course! I really enjoyed it and found it very useful.