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S.L. - Germany said:
This course provided a very good introduction to teaching english as a foreign language and its various approaches. It has given me a good insight into what I need to look out for and things to take into consideration that I hadn't thought about before, e.g. the role of classroom dynamics, the teacher's body language, etc. Many of these things you notice as a student (when they are done wrong), but when you try teaching something your focus is more on getting across the learning objectives. I learned from this course that how you teach is at least as important as what you teach, because if the approach is wrong you will never even reach the students who in turn won't learn properly. In Germany, there are various companies helping students to do better in school. Mostly they look for students studying that particular subject at university (not necessarily to become a teacher). I feel that having lived in England for 12 years has equipped me with at least as good a command of the english language as students studying it at university (and maybe only spending 6 months in an english speaking country). By doing this course I now have an idea as to how to approach teaching. So what I'd like to do is apply to one of the above companies as well as teaching english privately. All I need now is some actual practice.