Agency Week TEFL

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L.M. - U.S.A. said:
Before taking this course, I taught EFL to spanish professionals over Skype for about eight months. In spite of no formal training, but having a good command of english and very little accent, my students still did well. My students ranged from low-intermediate to extremely fluent, so my lessons ranged from highly structured type focusing on phrasal verbs or a few vocabulary words to an extremely smooth conversation about whatever the students wanted to discuss. While I could always verbally demonstrate the correct way to say or pronounce something, I often didn’t know why it was so. Add to that the inability to see my students or vice-versa, and once in a while, I would have to abandon any attempts at explanation and go on to something else. After completing the TEFL coursework, however, I can now fully explain when to use what verb tense along with demonstrating the whole range of tenses. This gives me great confidence in my knowledge and abilities as a TEFL teacher.

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