Acquiring TEFL Certificates

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

A.S. - U.S.A. said:
One of the greatest things I have gained is perspective. I have had teaching experience, and I have had a first teaching day, and I have put lesson plans together, but there are many other factors that go into teaching english as a foreign language, especially in a foreign country. I am in a job now that I am ending next week, I work with 4 kids age 11-17 and as I am ending this job I am really seeing the fruit of my time investment in their lives even just over the last 8 months. I first was interested in this certificate so that I could travel abroad and still make a living. Now, it's much more than that. As I was doing the lesson plans for different chapters I would actually imagine the people I was teaching. Teaching goes so much further than curriculum! You share pieces of your life and they share pieces of theirs. It's kind of like movies. They take a huge, general idea or theme and bring it down to a person. It's not just about war... but about one man's story. With teaching it's not just about getting the information out there, but really being able to connect it with the individual stories/people in your sphere of influence. I have gained from this course many essential tools to actually teach english - the grammar lessons were my least favorite - but they are also the ones I will look back on the most. As a native speaker - I take for granted grammar. It comes so naturally and easily... but then I don't know why we say what we say, or when we say one things over the other for certain situations. I learned a lot from going through the grammar lessons. It was a great review and made me realize how difficult and technical the english language can be. I will put it into action by doing my best to clearly and successfully teaching to the individual student. I will study harder, prepare lessons with precision, clarity, and fun - so that english grammar can be fun and learned quickly.

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