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B. G. - Korea said:
I began this course because I wanted to improve my pay grade in the public school system while teaching in korea. Since this is not my first time teaching ESL, I thought this course would be too easy and redundant from what I had already learned. After completing the TESOL, I realized how much I did not know. There are so many different problems that the ESL students face, and I learned that I cannot teach Korean students like I was taught back home. I have also learned that it is always important to use ESA when planning a lesson and the lesson plan outline is very helpful. I’ve used a similar format but I really like predicting different problems that might arise in a classroom setting as well as a possible solution. Also, setting a new goal for the teacher is a great way for the teacher to continue to improve. Even though the students see the teacher as someone who is an “expert” I strongly believe that no matter what profession one may be in, learning never stops. In terms of teaching english as a second language, as a native speaker I thought I was more than capable with my level of knowledge. However, often native speakers forget a lot of grammar and do not know how to explain why and how it works. I often had troubles when my adult students would ask me questions regarding grammar. I would have to tell them that I did not know the answer and then look it up for them. I have learned a lot through the grammar units of this course and could experience to a small degree what typical ESL students go through when studying the english language. It’s not easy, and far too complicated. This course will definitely help me grow and become a better ESL teacher. Every aspect of this course really helped me understand that teaching ESL is different; therefore a teacher needs to know the needs of their students in order to conduct successful classes. I wish I had taken this course before I began my first year of teaching, I’m sure things would have gone much smoother.

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