how do i get a job teaching english in austria?

Teaching English in Austria can be a rewarding experience for those looking to immerse themselves in a new culture while sharing their language skills. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to secure a job teaching English in Austria.

Firstly, it is essential to have a recognized TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification. This certification demonstrates to potential employers that you have the necessary skills to teach English effectively to non-native speakers. There are various TEFL courses available online and in-person, ranging from 120-hour courses to more advanced diplomas.

Once you have obtained your TEFL certification, the next step is to research job opportunities in Austria. Many language schools, international schools, and universities in Austria hire English teachers. Websites such as, Dave's ESL Cafe, and the Austrian job portal AMS (Arbeitsmarktservice) list job openings for English teachers in Austria.

Networking can also be a valuable tool in finding a teaching job in Austria. Joining online forums and social media groups for expats and English teachers in Austria can help you connect with other professionals in the field. Attending job fairs and TEFL conferences can also provide opportunities to meet potential employers and learn more about the job market in Austria.

When applying for English teaching jobs in Austria, it is important to tailor your CV and cover letter to highlight your relevant experience and qualifications. Be sure to emphasize any previous teaching experience, language certifications, and knowledge of Austrian culture or German language skills. Additionally, including a professional photo on your CV is common practice in Austria.

It is also beneficial to be flexible in terms of location and type of institution when seeking a teaching job in Austria. While Vienna and other major cities may have more job opportunities, consider exploring smaller towns and rural areas where the demand for English teachers may be less saturated.

During the interview process, be prepared to discuss your teaching philosophy, classroom management style, and how you would adapt your teaching methods to suit the needs of Austrian students. Demonstrating cultural sensitivity and a willingness to integrate into the local community can also strengthen your candidacy.

Once you have secured a job teaching English in Austria, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the local education system and curriculum requirements. Understanding the Austrian cultural context can help you create engaging and relevant lessons for your students.

In conclusion, obtaining a TEFL certification, conducting thorough research, networking, tailoring your application materials, being flexible in your job search, and preparing for interviews are key steps in securing a job teaching English in Austria. By following these guidelines and showcasing your passion for education, you can embark on a fulfilling teaching experience in this beautiful European country.

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