TESOL TEFL Reviews - Video Testimonial - TEFL Video Journal - Linda, Part 4


In the fourth part of her TEFL review video journal of her TEFL course with ITTT Linda talks about her experience of studying unit 4. This grammar based unit is the first that covers the tense system of the English language. The unit focuses on the present tenses and Linda feels that while grammar can be quite boring to study, this unit does a great job in explaining how the tenses can cause problems for learners of English by pointing out issues that do not occur to native speakers of the language.

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Well as i am a unexperienced teacher i can notice the importance of lesson planning, but not the kind of plan that is inflexible or that contains every single word that i have to say, it is more the kind of flexible plan with teacher and student objectives and goals, preventing to the typical problems that may occur during the class and the structure that i can stick to it.This is a totally new area for me when it comes to English Language. I learnt about conditionals & speech formats together with how it needs to be taught to students. Even though it s a bit complicated area due to those similar points,i feel its very useful to learn the fine differences. After studying this unit i feel that it gives a final touch for your grammar knowledge.