TESOL TEFL Reviews - Video Testimonial - Mohamed


Mohamed from Morocco is living in Germany and has completed an ITTT TEFL course. In his TEFL review Mohamed explains how despite already having several years experience as an English teacher in China, he still found that he benefited from the course many different ways.

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I greatly appreciate the practically of these lessons, as new ideas are taught, they are also fleshed out to the extent that it is easy to see how to use each of the principles. This lesson described exactly what is need to teach for new vocabulary and new grammar rules which will greatly help me as the teacher explain things clearly because I know what the students need.Model verbs can add politeness in speech which will help the speakers to send courteous. They represent the activities of the daily life. Passive voice help us understand why sometimes we need to omit the subject. Phrasal verbs can be used as synonymous and replacement to help speakers use a diverse range of vocabulary. For example, go on can be used instead of continue.