TESOL TEFL Reviews - Video Testimonial ? Fernando


Fernando is originally from Buenos Aires but spent the past 12 years working in the United States. As he has now returned to Argentina, he wants to become an English teacher. In his TESOL review he shares his thoughts on the center in Buenos Aires. He learned a lot regarding teaching techniques and lesson planning. He is confident that he can now lead his own classroom and is excited to start working as an English

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This module was a great one to see how the structure of a lesson should be. It gives many details to the various kinds of approaching teaching classes, as well as potential differences between teaching people of different ages & skill levels. I liked how it elaborates and gives good examples on the ESA teaching style, as that seems like a very competent way to teach.The content presented in this unit is very helpful. Being a great teacher is what all future teachers should aim to be, because from being a great teacher you'll have a good chance of bringing out the best in your students. The key factors and differences between teaching adults and young learners is also of great help and can be very useful for a first time teacher.