How to Pronounce 'PROPENSITY' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word propensity. This word is a noun and refers to a natural tendency to behave in a particular way. Synonyms for propensity include tendency, inclination or proneness. The word comes from Latin 'propensus' meaning ?inclined'.

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I learned what it takes to be a good teacher. Also learned about appropriate scales to rate students English levels from beginner to advanced. Also learned the correct names for processes of teacher a class from facilitator, tutor, participant etc. Finally i also was reminded what it takes to be a good student and this is that they are motivated and interested in your class.Unit 12 goes over the specific set of skills for productive skills such as speaking and writing. Both are equally important but require different points for improvement. An example of that is writing. When writing students need to pay more attention to spelling, penmanship, and punctuation but not pronunciation. Pronunciation is a more important point of focus when speaking.