How to Pronounce 'PETULANT' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word petulant. This word refers to someone being rude in speech or behavior. Synonyms for the word petulant include grumpy, snarky or tempered. The word comes from the Latin petulant meaning to go to and attack.

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Through this lesson, we're able to learn one of the most popular and regular tenses which are simple present, continuous present, present perfect, continuous perfect.... we also know the common mistakes of students while using these tense, so that we have an idea on how to correct them. It's very useful lesson which arouses student to be stimulated in learning English grammarThis was a nice unit to study, and I have learnt a few tips from it especially regarding beginner students. Choosing topics based on the students' interests is very important as people generally learn easier with topics they like. Pre-teaching vocabulary is another important tip for me, and the idea of doing interviews covers both receptive skills very effectively. Thank you!