How to Pronounce 'NEPOTISM'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word nepotism. This word refers to people in power favoring and giving powerful positions to friends or family. Some synonyms of the word include favoritism, bias, partiality, or partisanship.

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This unit covered teaching the language itself. The unit clarified what the students need to know about learning vocabulary, grammatical/ language structures and language functions making it clearer as a teacher to create an objective for the class or lesson. The unit gave again useful techniques to use for the ESA method as well as sample ESA lesson plans for each component.This unit took me sometime to fully absorb the Future Tenses. I understood the form and it's structure very easily but found it's usage abit challenging. I will have to come back to this unit in future and go through and fully absorb it. The typical mistakes and errors shown are very familiar as I live in Thailand and often see Thai friends and students making these mistakes.