How to Pronounce 'NEPOTISM'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word nepotism. This word refers to people in power favoring and giving powerful positions to friends or family. Some synonyms of the word include favoritism, bias, partiality, or partisanship.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed this unit as it had clearly explained and pointed out every small detail of class arrangement, which could potentially has a big effect on carrying out an effective lesson. Points were made clearly and strong. One recommendation is that having a 'Reading List' or 'Recommended book list' at the back as we would like to read more into it!Thank you for the part of speech unit. There is much useful information for me to understand the types of nouns and pronouns, so I can introduce to my students clearly at the same time. Also, the types of adverbs is new for me as I had not learnt it during my early English study stage. It helps me to clarify my concept so I can avoid making grammatical mistakes.