How to Pronounce 'MIRAGE' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word mirage. This word refers to an optical illusion such as the appearance of water in a desert. This word comes from the French 'se mirer' meaning ?be reflected'.

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This unit covered different aspects of planning in the classroom. There are different methods of teaching that are appropriate to use at different stages of learning. I feel as though I learned very beneficial methods of teaching in varied ways that can keep up engagement in the classroom. The ESA method is going to be a staple when I finally am able to utilize these methods.The importance of speaking and writing are greatly portrayed in this unit. I really like the accuracy and fluency section. the accuracy in the study phase, they use such activities as drilling(repetition of words by teacher/students) and prompting which is the use of pre planned questions given by teacher to the student. All simple but very effective ways to the study phase.