How to Pronounce 'MIRAGE'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word mirage. This word refers to an optical illusion such as the appearance of water in a desert. This word comes from the French 'se mirer' meaning ‘be reflected'.

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I found it useful thinking about the types of students I might be working with and the way you will adapt your teaching dependent on whether they are a child or adult. Whether you are working 1-1 or in a group also impacts how you teach and there are positives and negatives with both. I never thought about business English so I am glad I have been exposed to this.The main purpose of this course is to give participants the chance to study ideas and methodologies related to the business english field. These methodologies can be applied to a wide range of business applications. Participants do not need to be specialists in any particular business field, but a general working knowledge of business terminology will be helpful.