How to Pronounce 'METICULOUS'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word meticulous. This word refers to the action of showing great attention to detail, as well as being very careful or precise. Some synonyms for meticulous include careful, diligent and conscientious. The word comes from the Latin meticulosus meaning fearful.

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In this unit, unit five, I've learnt the benefits of classroom management. I've learnt that Classroom management is a very important set of skills because it informs teachers how to effectively organize the class. Effective classroom management allows the class and students to learn in a friendly, relaxed environment while maintaining a certain level of discipline.In this Unit I have recollected some materials and some materials was absolutely new for me. Modals verbs, active and passive voice I've learnt already in my life, but Relative Clauses and rules about Phrasal verbs I've met first time. Really usage phrasal verbs is necessity, and better to use them naturally during uncontrolled conversation for simple remembering.