How to Pronounce "METICULOUS" - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word meticulous. This word refers to the action of showing great attention to detail, as well as being very careful or precise. Some synonyms for meticulous include careful, diligent and conscientious. The word comes from the Latin meticulosus meaning fearful.

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This unit is teaching the future tenses and how to break down each element in order to help students identify each tense and to be able to better understand the difference between them. Though some are extremely close in nature, hopefully they will have a better understanding of how each tense is formed and how to use them properly by the time we are finished with this unit.This unit honestly seemed more challenging than the other units so far since many of the definitions are almost similar so it was a bit more difficult to tell apart. Overall this chapter was more challenging since future simple had many uses than the others so at times I was not sure which definition was which. It seems that grammar might be more challenging as times goes on.