How to Pronounce 'LIBERTINE' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word "libertine". This word is a noun and either refers to a freethinker in religious matters or someone who disregards morals and leads a dissolute life. The word comes from the Latin word libertus, which referred to a slave who become a free man.

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Thanks to the Unit 4, I have refreshed my knowledge of didactic materials, both authentic and non-authentic, and how to create my own materials to best serve their purpose. In addition, I remembered how to create a lesson plan and what should be in it. At the end of the chapter I found useful links on which I can find teaching materials which would help me design my lessons.It is my first time to know about some theories, methods and techniques for teaching children.Thank you for this lesson. It can help me a lot to improve my teaching.Thank you for sharing good ideas.I will try to apply it in teaching.I need to learn also to practice my tongue to speak fluently by doing the tongue-twister. I like all of those Ideas and engage phrase.Thank you.