How to Pronounce 'KISMET'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word kismet. This word is a noun and means fate or destiny. The word comes from Arabic ?ismat meaning 'division'.

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The Unit 10 is about Video Lessons. There are two videos on teaching a group of students in Thailand. I have learned a lot from both of them. I definitely saw two different ways to teach students. One of them was filled with enthusiasm and professionalism and other one was a boring and not effective lesson. Thanks to the Unit I know which way to choose to succeed.I've learned about the different teaching styles, different types of students, the differences of teaching different age groups, their motivation, goals, their background, characteristics of a good teacher/student, the European framework, why a class or teacher might not be successful or have trouble in a class and more. Very basic, general information but useful.