How to Pronounce 'KISMET' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word kismet. This word is a noun and means fate or destiny. The word comes from Arabic ?ismat meaning 'division'.

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Planing our class previously its very important, specially for new teachers. It guide us throughout the lesson but it can surely be flexible to the students level and needs. While planing a lesson we need to know what the students will be able to know by them end of it as well as possible doubts that may occur. Experienced teachers should still prepare the lesson as a guide.Following the conclusion of this section, many of my questions surrounding the teaching of writing have been sufficiently answered. I also appreciated the distinction of accuracy and fluency into their respective parts of the ESA lesson. However, I did find that a great amount of information in this chapter seemed unnecessary because it seems to keep repeating the ESA model.