How to Pronounce 'DROSS'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word dross. This word describes something that is seen as junk or rubbish. Some synonyms for dross are trash or garbage. This word comes from the Old English 'dr?s' and is also related to Dutch droesem and German Drusen meaning dregs.

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The lesson showed a very interesting aspect of how selecting the right book and how it should be viewed could be very important to make sure that the students do not get bored. It is very easy to just teach to the book, but it is also important to make the lesson interesting for the students. It was great to see how this can be done through a variety of methods.In this unit we can read about two receptive skills: reading and listening. We are given examples of how we can use predictive skills while teaching reading and listening, the difference between scanning, skimming and detailed reading. WE are given advice how to make a reading lesson more interesting. Also we can look though all stages of lesson and its exercises.