How to Pronounce 'CAPARISON' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word caparison. This word refers to decking something out in rich decorative coverings, usually used for horses. This word found its way into the English language through the French word caparasson who took it from the Spanish caparazón meaining ?saddlecloth'.

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This unit has outlined how the class atmosphere and physical surroundings can drastically affect the students and their learning. I now also have a better understanding of why students may misbehave, how to prevent it and deal with it, as well as careful considerations to have for myself as a teacher when interacting with students, and setting up interactions with each other.This unit was easy to understand because I can connect it to the experience I already have. I also realised that it's so important to have the personality to teach a specific age group otherwise it just leaves you unhappy and drained trying to fit the personality. This unit provided a lot of tips and small changes I can make in my classroom to improve and be a better teacher.