How to Pronounce 'CAPARISON'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word caparison. This word refers to decking something out in rich decorative coverings, usually used for horses. This word found its way into the English language through the French word caparasson who took it from the Spanish caparazón meaining ‘saddlecloth'.

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Working with a class that is new to us can present a lot of challenging problems. Some are not so challenging if we address them in constructive ways! For example, not diving directly into course material can be helpful. Establishing rapport, getting to know people and engaging them in ways that teach us more about what they need to be most successful as learners.The future is one of the most complex area of the English language .the seven tense are different , we need to know the form ,usages and typical student errors of different tenses, the future perfect can often be confused with future perfect continuous ,we can use the future perfect continuous to say how long something will have continued by a certain time .