How to Pronounce 'BOWDLERIZE'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word bowdlerize. This word is used to refer to the act of removing improper or offensive material in order to make it weaker or less effective. Some synonyms for bowdlerize include censor, expurgate or edit.

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During this section I found that a large amount of the information presented did not contain a lot of useful information. The online resources may be helpful in the future, but the information presented in this section is common knowledge to native English speakers. Some of the methods recommended also seemed outdated and pale in comparison to current alternatives.This unit helped answer a question I've had for a while - to use a course book or other materials. I learned that being a non-experienced teacher, it's a good idea to use a course book but to supplement other materials to keep the class interesting. I also learned that I will need to use authentic materials to keep the class interesting and the students motivated.