How to Pronounce 'BELLWETHER' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word "bellwether". This word is a noun and describes someone who takes the lead and sets trends. A long time ago, shepherds hung a bell around the neck of one sheep of its flock designating it the leader. Therefore, bellwether is a combination of the words "bell" and "wether", a male sheep that has been castrated.

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The framework for a business English class being identical to that of any other ESA based program makes the development of effective instruction simpler. I am hoping that if I should have the opportunity to run sessions like this that I will be able to leverage the framework effectively. I must keep in mind the differing motivations and objectives of the individual learners.This unit gave me a better idea of how to structure a lesson in terms of delivering content and providing feedback. The games mentioned are wonderful examples of how to present a lesson without the student even realizing they are learning. I did not realize how the flow of a class could be formed to optimize not only the students attention but also the impact of the content.