How to Pronounce 'ASSAILANT' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word assailant. This word is used as a noun and refers to a person who physically attacks another person with the goal of doing harm. Some synonyms for assailant can include attacker, mugger and assaulter.

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This was an enjoyable unit for me. I personally love the past tense, and this chapter gave me greater insight into how the different forms of the tense can communicate and present ideas in a much more systematic and comprehendible manner. I also appreciated the teaching ideas for each form, as it also helped me better understand when we use which forms in our everyday speech.Unit 1 is the course introduction. It first goes over on how to use the website and next it states on what the 50 hour course will be about. Such as, classroom management, useful teaching ideas such as songs, and chants, and developing professional skills. It also briefly talks about what a young learner is and what one can expect from an English job such as hours and salary.