EFL Sample Lesson - Study Phase - 'Can' or 'Have to'


This video is a sample EFL lesson in a real-life classroom setting abroad. After the teacher introduces the two modal verbs "can" and "have to", the students are asked to distinguish their differences in various sentences written on the board. The teacher has to write on the board in clear letters so that the students can easily comprehend the information and make notes if needed.

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As I have researched the syllabus for this class, I will find it interesting to compare Receptive VS Productive skill testing. I personally learn better using my Receptive skills. I also feel that this was the most straight forward unit that I have come across so far in this process. I am hoping my test scores reflect the fact that I really believe I understand this concept.The unit provides useful information especially in regards to selecting authentic and relevant material for lessons and creating material, including examples and flash cards etc. As an English teacher, mostly in private institutions, course work is already selected and provided by the schools, however it is interesting to get an insight into the process behind the selection.