OTP Demonstration Lesson - Iban - Present Perfect Continuous


In this video lesson the teacher covers the present perfect continuous tense. Iban starts the lesson with a memory game to help get the students engage in the lesson and thinking and speaking in English. He then goes on to present his lesson on the present prefect continuous tense before finishing the lesson with activities to get the students to use the language they have learned.

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Reading this unit, I knew a lot about choosing course books, basing on many factors, also what advantages and disadvantages I could face with when working with them. Finally, I have learnt, how I could adapt and improve the teaching materials for students of different language levels and that being flexible with it is a key approach, when compiling a teaching plan.The unit lays down a good foundation for why the ESA method is preferred, especially over the Grammar-Translation method that most of us experienced in high school and college, and explains why I have made faster headway in Italian, using Rosetta Stone, that in German, with many years of more traditional methods. The activity suggestions are an excellent resource.