English Lesson - Wish


In this lesson Iban covers the uses of ‘wish’. Iban starts the lesson with an activity to warm the students up before covering the lesson point. He ends the lesson with activities to give the students practice using the language point he has taught.

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This unit went over the myriad equipment and teaching resources that could be used in the classroom environment, and then went into greater detail on some of the most widely used items. Some of the info was a bit dated, but I found the section on IWBs to be useful as I have never used one personally and woulnd't have known what to look out for if I got the opportunity!This unit was helpful in giving me a good understanding and foundation of what to expect in this course, in particular as an addition to my already completed TEFL course. This unit helped me gain a better idea of the difference between different types of Business English acronyms and also what additional opportunities there are for careers in business English teaching.