English Lesson - Present Perfect


In this demonstration lesson Iban covers the present perfect tense. He starts the lesson with a warm activity. He then goes on to focus on the tense in more detail covering the structure and usage. He ends the lesson with activities to encourage the students to use the language point they have learned in the lesson.

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This unit is about vocabulary and grammars stustures. Author described how to select vocabulary, which factors can make memorising new vocabulary easier or harder. Students have to now avout vocabulary certain thonga which are the most important for them. Further, I learned how to introduce grammatical structures, which activities i can use for each stage of my lesson.Interesting read, i do believe this chapter needs updating. One point i will disagree on is the use of OHP I think they are the easiest (you state that it's tricky to operate) and one of the best 'old school' pieces of equipment to use. The value of a OHP cannot be underestimated. Modern day advancements have rendered somewhat obsolete but i truly see the value in it.