English Lesson - I wish/If only


In this lesson Iban teaches the meanings and differences of ‘I wish’ and ‘if only’. He starts the lesson with a warm up activity before covering the lesson point. He ends the lesson with activities to give the students practice using the language point he has taught.

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The last unit dealt with troubleshooting. After introducing common problem situations (dealing with first introductory lesson, with large classes, different levels, students using their native language during a class or reluctant students, and students having difficulties with listening exercises) the unit went into detail as how to approach them, offering useful tips.This unit explains the advantages of the teaching aids and it gives a good overview of resources. I appreciate when it mentioned about the suggestion of having a back up plan while using the electronic aids which may potentially face the technical problem. I personally think that the references provided in this unit for online lessons and exercises are very useful too.