OTP English Lesson - Richard - Activate Phase - Classroom Discussion


"In this video, our OTP trainee Richard conducts a classroom discussion with his students using modal verbs. ITTT's Observed Teaching Practice courses (OTP) are ideal for teachers wanting to improve their teaching skills remotely from anywhere in the world."

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching. This convenient, highly structured design means that you can quickly get to grips with each section before moving onto the next.

This unit is really confusing, but it helps a lot in constructing sentences. The correct usage of future tenses is really important to learn. It serves as one of the foundation in proper utilisation of grammar. By understanding the future tenses it will give me more confidence in making sentences professionally and being able to discuss future plans and aspiration.This verb unit is very tricky in school I don't remember learning all of these verb tenses. It is refreshing to relearn the verb tenses it makes me feel sympathetic to the people that do not have english as their first written or spoken language. The English language I am learning is very tricky and difficult for people that were born speaking it and learning it.