Capital vs Capitol - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


In this video, we explain the difference between the usage of "capital" and "capitol". These two terms are often confused due to their similar spelling and pronunciation. The word ?capital? is used to refer to a capital letter, a city that serves as a center of government and also wealth in the form of money or property. A good example sentence would be: In American schools, the capital letter "A" means your work was at least 90% correct. This sentence uses 'capital' to refer to a capitalized letter, 'A' in this case. Tokyo is the capital of Japan. In this example, capital refers to the capital city of Japan. The business did not have enough capital to buy the new building. Here, capital means money or wealth. "Capitol" spelled with an ?o? on the other hand refers to the actual capitol buildings in Washington, D.C. and in each US state. We can therefore say: The United States Capitol building is located in Washington, D.C.

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I have learnt that the selection of text is important to learners according to their level of English. Authentic texts should be used to pre-intermediate level students,not beginner students because of vocabulary and grammar in general. It is a common knowledge that teachers should cater for all students and not a particular group of students else it is called discrimination.This unit covered the forms, usages, common mistakes and sample activate lesson ideas for past tenses. This section, as in others, did a great job of explaining the subtle differences between the different verb forms and their usages in practical conversation. I greatly appreciate the different lesson ideas provided, and I'm sure that they will be of great help when teaching.