Aid vs Aide - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


Due to the similar spelling and pronunciation of these two words, they are often confused in the English language. Let's take a closer look. The word "aid", spelled A-I-D, refers to something that helps. That could be your teaching aids in the classroom, or medical aid, like the first-aid-kit and so on. Let?s look at an example sentence: You need to talk a little louder to grandpa because he forgot his hearing aid. Note that "aid" can also be used as a verb meaning ?to help?, such as in this example: Drinking a lot of water aids digestion. "Aide" spelled with an "E" at the end, however, refers to a living helper or an assistant, for example: My brother finally came home after working as a volunteer aide in Africa for six months. So remember, while both words refer to the act of helping, "aid" spelled A-I-D always refers to a thing, while "aide" with an "E" at the end always refers to a person. That's it for today. See you next time!

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I've learned the different parts of speech and their usage. The noun, the verb, the adjectives, they are the one that compose a subject. The verb forms are not all the same not all are ending in \"ed\" that some of those can be learned in everyday experiences. That using pronouns such as she,he,him,her etc can avoid the repeating of same words to convey your idea.This unit dealt with speaking and writing skills. Good speaking skills are very important no matter what language you are speaking in. You need to be sure to speak clearly and slow enough that others can understand what you are saying. Writing skills are vey important, also. If you do not write clearly then you will not be easy to be understood through writing.