Conditionals and Reported Speech - Zero Conditional Teaching Idea


The zero conditional is the most basic form of the conditionals in the English language. This is a teaching idea for the zero conditional that can also be adjusted for any other types of conditionals.

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Grammar is very important for any language. This is a grammar unit and therefore it is very important as it is the base of English language. I have learnt recognizing and classifying the parts of speech from this unit. I feel this unit is the base of other units and so I have to be very clear about all the parts of speech, and that's exactly this unit teacher me.There are a great deal of different testing and assessment methods described in this unit. It is interesting to note that many students are learning English with the goal of passing an external examination. That is a useful motivation to know for students in a class. I wish that more information was given on the differences between placement and diagnostic tests.

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