Conditionals and Reported Speech - What Are Conditionals?


This video is the first video of our series on conditionals and reported speech. The conditionals are commonly referred to as "if" sentence structure speaking about if this happens then that happens.

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There is 3 different ESA approaches. The straight arrow ESA approach which is mostly used for vocabulary or grammar. Then there is the boomerang and patchwork ESA approach which is used for functions-based learning. In all these approaches you have the engage, study and activate techniques. It always starts with engage but the second stage varies between study and activate.Classroom management is difficult sometimes especially a class with heterogeneous learners. Some are fast learners and some are slow, some are very self confident and some have very low self-esteem. With all the ideas I learnt in this unit, I am not too worried anymore on how to manage one. I can apply all the ideas and I'm sure my classroom management will improve in time.