Conditionals and Reported Speech - What Are Conditionals?


This video is the first video of our series on conditionals and reported speech. The conditionals are commonly referred to as "if" sentence structure speaking about if this happens then that happens.

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After completing reading this unit, I have a better understanding of the word teacher. It means more than the word itself but student also. Plus, the relationship with students is as important as the knowledge of Enligh and methods of English-teaching. Mastering the different roles of teacher in class and shifting accordingly will make class efficient and lively.This was a very chalenging unit , but when it narows down each subject and help to use all this methods of tecahing , it become easier and easier. The explonations are very useful and user friendly which I am sure that I can and will use in the class rooms. Even for me it was a learning experience due to that I never realy paid attention to most of this details !